About Me

Hi! I am Akanksha Biswas, a forensic scientist by qualification, a digital marketer by profession and a travel blogger by passion. Yes I know that is a strange mix.

I have explored my own country and now my travelling soul has brought me to Sydney, Australia, where I am pursuing my Masters and venturing out to explore the country #fromtheeyesofalocal

I always loved to write, since I was in my teens, and my love for travel has been in me since forever. Therefore, I decided to mix both up and started with writing blogs and creating vlogs. I juggle both sides of the camera by myself and create content that is useful and engaging.

I travel to get to know the essence of life, to understand what I have and realize the worth of everything God has blessed this world with. I travel to get closer to myself and love whatever I have right here and right now. I travel to be me!



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