Mumbai to Goa Roadtrip

It was that time of year when my Facebook newsfeed was loaded with travel stories from Ladakh and Northern regions. When the whole population of Delhi, Punjab, and adjoining areas seem to crowd the Northern hills, and trust me any beautiful landscape becomes ugly when flocked with human beings, I thought about going somewhere offbeat. A place where not many people tend to pay a … Continue reading Mumbai to Goa Roadtrip

Road Trip to Jaisalmer

Delhi’s geographical location is such that it is surrounded by contrasting terrains from all sides. Therefore whenever we think of going for a weekend getaway, there are loads of options to choose from. Although most of us young adventurers never miss an opportunity to scale the high altitudes of Himalayas, but there are some who love to experience the cultural heritage of Rajasthan. This year … Continue reading Road Trip to Jaisalmer

When Destiny Landed Us in Chhalal

When the heat got too much to handle in Delhi, I, along with two of my friends decided to travel up the mountains to get a feel of the chill. After a lot of option seeking and dropping out places, we decided to head to Tirthan Valley in Himachal Pradesh. As I had already been to the place, I called up Pinewood Homestay in Jibhi … Continue reading When Destiny Landed Us in Chhalal


When I was going to Goa for my much awaited vacation, the only thing in my mind was ‘what am I going to wear?’. Because goa is all about bohemian culture and quirky outfits. So I, being a shopaholic, went for flea market hopping across Delhi, tagging my best friend along to buy us some over the top, sexy yet fun outfits, footwear and accessories … Continue reading 5 PLACES FOR STREET SMART SHOPPING IN DELHI!