5 Reasons Why You Should Never Move To Sydney

In February, this year (2017), I took the major leap of my life and moved to this beautiful city called Sydney in Australia to pursue my postgraduate studies. When I was in the middle of planning for myself, I heard so much about this city from everyone: relatives, friends, and people. I was excited and anxious at the same time. Everyone asked whether I have someone to help me out in the early days to settle down or I am all alone. There was so much going on and then the day arrived when I was boarding my flight. My parents and friends bid me goodbye and from that day I was all alone and my journey had just started.

Since the day I arrived, I wanted to write this article. So, today I will talk about why I would never ask anyone or recommend them to move to this appealing coastal city of Australia.

1. It will make you crazy, over and over again

When I took my first step into this beautiful city, I was awestruck. The little houses, the beautiful beaches, and the Sydney harbor, everything will make you fall in love with the city and its surroundings. This city has a charm of its own, and it has something for everyone. Whether you are the party animal like me or you want to have a quiet day out, you’ll never be out of options. One day it will make you groove to its tunes and let your hair down throughout the night. And on other days, it will make you forget all your worries as you sit in the glowing sunset at the Bondi Beach.

  1. It will make you forget your home

I have lost the count of the number of people who ask me whether I am settled in here or whether I am homesick or not. To be honest, this city has involved me so much into itself that I rarely miss home. Sydney has become my home and I am loving the feel of it. It is strange that I don’t miss my mom and dad but it is more surprising that I feel weird about leaving this city and going back home. This place is so easy going that I just don’t want to leave. Once you are in, you’ll be caught in its clutches and that is the most beautiful feeling ever. I can call this place my own.

  1. You will see the happiest smiles in here

Oh, I do not even know where to start with this one. This place has the best kind of people from all over the world, together at one place, being one. I have never met so many people from so diverse countries and made such lovely connections with. I have learned here that it just takes a smile and a hello to start a conversation. The people are generous and kind, talking from personal experience. I live in a diverse house with people from all different countries and I have got a few great friends in them. It doesn’t take much to build friendship, just a little bit of understanding and acceptance.

  1. It will take you as her own

It’s been just over a month that I am here and I never felt out of place. I walk into a crowd full of people living here since ages, and I feel that I am one of them. You just automatically fit in the city and you never feel that it is not yours. This city absorbs you into itself and makes you her own. It takes a few days to get to know how things work but you learn every day and each day there is something new that you will get to know.

  1. You’ll lose yourself to find someone completely different

Sydney has made me realize what it means to be independent and being on my own. It was a big deal for me to move to a different continent altogether and this city has been nothing less than nice to me. When people ask me how is Sydney treating you? I don’t have any answer because you must be here and experience it to know how this amazing city can treat you in all different ways. I realized I am a lot more than I thought about myself. I came across a new me, who I never knew existed in there. I am a completely different person altogether, a little damaged, a little broken, somewhat imperfect and a lot more reckless. But this is what makes me and this city special.

Moving to this city has been the best decision of my life. I closed a lot of chapters from my life back in India and opened a lot more in here. But in all, I never regret any step that I took. And if you cannot risk losing yourself to this beautiful place, do not move here.

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